About NGO

Shree Siddhi Vinayak rural Devlopment Trust is an Indian  non-governmental organization (NGO) formed in 2002. The organization is based in Bilimora. Gujarat. S.S.V.R.D. Trust dedicates its efforts towards women’s empowerment. To achieve this, Shree S.V.R.D.Trust motivates and aids women in the formation of Self-Help Groups (SHGs). The women are provided with financial support as well as awareness programs.

 To support women financially, Shree S.V.R.D. Trust acts as an intermediary between SHGs and banks. By doing so, SHGs have access to microfinance which will support the women in raising their standard of living. S.S.V.R.D. Trust also conducts awareness programs, covering a range of subjects relevant for the women’s situations

Shree S.V.R.D.Trust is involved in a variety of activities focused around tribal’s empowerment, social awareness, and children’s education. Trust is a small organization with large ambitions. Motivated people join us from all around the world to help us make a difference.


Shree S.V.R.D. Trust is a small organization founded and managed by people who want to contribute to their own community. It has a strong and longstanding desire to plan and carry out social and educational programs which empower local women according to their specific needs. Thanks to all the volunteers who continuously support the organization, Shree S.V.R.D Trust has a distinctly international character. Shree S.V.R.D. Trust is a steadily growing organization, working each day to improve and develop its capability of helping women and children.

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Our Mission and Vision

          Trust’s mission is to empower the rural and urban poor, enabling them to become self-reliant


To achieve this, Shree S.V.R.D Trust focuses on two areas:

  • Financial support
  • Education and raising awareness

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide the women of our Self-Help Groups (SHGs) with microfinance and assist them to successfully utilize the means given to them.
  • The Trust is also responsible for the repayment of the loans to relevant banks taken by the beneficiary.
  • To increase the number of SHGs in Gujarat State and India.
  • To continuously improve the microfinance system and to make it more easily accessible for the women in the SHGs.
  • To create awareness on women’s right issues.
  • To educate children and women in the local communities.
  • To create awareness on children’s rights issues such as child labor and the right to education.
  • To offer extra schooling through remedial schools for less fortunate children.
  • To locate sponsors for children to ensure that they receive an adequate education


  S.S.V.R.D.TRUST has executed more than 150.projects in the Gujarat region few of them are listed in our Annual Report Which copy is attached here for your reference.